Basics of Music Publishing Class

Want to know more about how songwriters profit from their songs? Want to learn about how this business operates in a fun and informative way? Then consider enrolling in my Foothill College “Basics of Music Publishing”class (MTEC 80C).

Take the class entirely online or in the classroom. It’s your choice.

We’ll talk about the following:

Evolution of Music Publishing
What Do Publishers Do
Different Types of Music Publishers
Music Copyrights
Revenue Streams and PROs
Finding a Publisher
Royalty Splits and Attorneys
Music Publishing Deals
Self Publishing and the Future of Publishing

The class lasts 12 weeks and is fully accredited.

Tuition is only $124 plus around $51 in College enrollment fees.

To enroll please go here:

PLEASE BE SURE TO ENROLL EARLY! Enrollment has started. The class starts January 8th, 2018.