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An Alternative to Spotify?

On Thursday mornings starting around 10am in San Francisco there’s a songwriters gathering in San Francisco that I often attend. Yesterday, local songwriter, Joey Wolpert, told us all about a new streaming site coming out of  Joey’s hometown, Montreal.

It’s called and can be found online at UpRise.fm and it differs from Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora in numerous ways.

The Music Director and Chief Music Curator is the notable producer/artist, Daniel Lanois. That’s a good start!

They are committed to paying the songwriters more in royalties than any of the other streaming alternatives.

Each artist will get their own webpage where they can have control over the content.

You will be compensated for bringing new fans to the site.

Realizing that they can’t compete head to head with the Spotifys of the world on content, they plan to focus on unique content like live recordings, outtakes, sound checks, songs being written, in other words, stuff your fans would likely love to hear.

They’re not ‘live’ yet but they plan to make it happen in 2015.

I look forward to checking them out.

You can learn more now at UpRise.fm